Visual C++ 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster

One thing I haven't studied since my first encounter with Visual Studio, and back then I haven't had such a nice pdf, is the Visual C++ Keybinding.

Microsoft has nicely made this available for Visual C++ 2008!

I did not know that CTRL+SHIFT+INS is the keymapping for Edit.CycleClipboardRing, I always used Visual Assist's CTRL+SHIFT+V functionality - a menu, not some selected text which you can cycle through. This functionality can come in handy when you don't have access to Visual Assist, either by being stranded in C# land where the landlord is named Resharper or by using the Express (no addons) edition.

Don't forget to print the "Poster", you! might learn something new about Visual C++ Keybinding.

Note: Usually I'm OK with the default Visual C++ keybinding, but since Visual C++ 2003 they've changed the F7 keybinding from "Build Project" to "Build Solution". Visual C++ 2008 has F7 or CTRL+SHIFT+B mapped to "Build Solution". I've customized F7 to Build.BuildSelection (works somehow better than Build.BuildOnlyProject)

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Florin said...

Tip: in most Windows apps, the keyboard accelerator is displayed in the menu. If you were to go in the ‘Edit’ menu of Visual Studio, you’d find ‘Cycle Clipboard Ring Ctrl+Shift+Ins.’