ActiveX <video> controls

The recently released OpenCodecs release, beside fixing bugs and updating audio and video codecs libraries adds support for "controls" attribute in the ActiveX <video> player.

Without further ado here is a video showing this feature:

The ActiveX <video> player uses DirectShow to render an URL. The DirectShow "File Source (URL)" filter downloads a file from beginning to the end and it doesn't support seeking until has downloaded the whole file. This behavior is unfortunate and I hope I can fix this by writing my own "File Source (URL)" filter.

The above video presents a Theora video, which at first it has 0:00 length and then it has the right duration. This is due the fact that the current DirectShow Ogg demuxer needs to have access to the whole file in order to build the seeking table, the ActiveX player knows when the download is completed and builds the seeking table at the end. WebM should not have this limitation.

The UI was borrowed from Firefox and I've used GDI+ to draw the controls. I hope to use Cairo in a future version, in order to have prettier controls and to share it with the Kate subtitles decoder.

This should make the ActiveX player a bit more usable. In the next version besides having a new URL source filter I plan to add scripting support in order to control the ActiveX player from JavaScript code.

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