Facebook + Unicode ≠ Love

The theme for the last days is the question marks instead of Unicode characters in various software products. In this case Facebook.

Facebook? Have you read this article written by Andrei Alexandrescu?

"The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got"

Coming back to question marks. I wanted to post a funny video on Facebook when I've noticed that Facebook gathered as description some undesired question marks:

If you go to the funny video (in Romanian) page you can see the caption as: „Primul șlagăr care te învață să scrii corect înjurăturile.”. No question marks there!

I'm sure there is an explanation why that happened... but it shouldn't have happened. Nobody said that Unicode is easy!

P.S. It seems Google+ does the same thing:

I was prepared to congratulate you Google on doing a better job than Facebook...

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