rOGG on!

The "rOGG on!" title was borrowed from the FSFE campaign: Radio stations granted awards for using Open Standards. I think FSFE should also "boo" radio stations which drop support for Open Standards (Radio Swiss Jazz used to have a Vorbis stream)

In a previous blog entry I was presenting a technical preview of the HTML5 <video> tag running on Internet Explorer. That version worked only in
a few controlled cases.

I have released a new Xiph.Org Ogg Codecs version (grab it from here) which makes the technical preview of the HTML5 <video> tag a bit more useful.

In this version I have dropped the custom file/network reading code and now I rely on built in DirectShow filters to provide the same (better) functionality. Now one can listen to Absolute Classic Rock behind a network proxy using Windows Media Player.

Here are the improvements to the HTML5 <video> tag:
  • URI support given by uriparser library
  • VMR9 support (instead of VMR7), this requires DirectX9
  • Internet Explorer Standards mode support, instead of just Quirks mode
  • width and height basic attribute support
Here is a modified "Patent Absurdity" web page, to give it a try.

I have made a screen cast to illustrate the new features (better viewed full screen):

The wallpaper picture was taken in the beautiful island of Burano

I would like to thank Philip Jägenstedt for his contribution, which speedup this release.