Thank you Google!

It's time to thank Google again for fixing the Android fonts in regards of the Romanian language (Android Issue 9808).

First time was for fixing the Droid font family and now for fixing the Roboto font family.

The fix came with the commit e68d87e0920133cb8799bc89abb8d1206c3d7750:
Update Roboto to version 1.200311

This updates Roboto to the latest version. This change should fix a
number of problems, including bug 7306377 (vietnamese o with horn), bug
6679075 (vietnamese u+1ee1), bug 7568194 (cyrillic yeru), and is also on
the critical path of bug 7291977 (t comma accent), bug 8278292 (E
ogonek) and likely others.
 In order to verify I had to get the fonts from the Android base git repository

git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/frameworks/base.git

This meant downloading a few hounded of megabytes, which in the end produced a "base" directory which was 1.9GB in size :)

Don't use the Google Fonts Roboto page, because there the font is not updated, as you can see from the screen shot below:

For your convenience you can download the whole Android fonts folder from here (12MB zip file)

I've opened the Roboto Thin font in Fontforge and as you can see T comma below is right where it should be:

This would make Android 4.3 the first Android with complete Romanian language support! w00t.