Qt Creator Visual C++ keyboard shortcuts

Qt Creator comes with a "MS_Visual_C++.kms" keyboard shortcuts scheme. But this scheme is not based on Visual C++ Professional, but instead of Visual C++ Express.

The two versions Visual C++ Professional and Visual C++ Express do not have the same keyboard shortcuts scheme. You can download the default keyboard scheme for Visual Studio 2010 C++ here.

If you have used Visual C++ Professional with Visual Assist you will also notice that the Visual Assist shortcuts are also missing. Visual Assist default shortcuts can be viewed here.

Visual C++ allows multiple shortcuts for the same command. Unfortunately Qt Creator doesn't allow this and at times I had to choose from multiple shortcuts only one.

Below is a table with the updates to the "MS_Visual_C++.kms" keyboard shortcuts scheme:

Command Label Shortcut Old Shortcut
Toogle Toggle Bookmark Ctrl+F2 Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K
OutputPane.nextitem Next Item F4 F6
OutputPane.previtem Previous Item Shift+F4 Shift+F6
VisualizeWhitespace Visualize Whitespace Ctrl+Shift+8 Ctrl+E, Ctrl+V
LowercaseSelection Lowercase Selection Ctrl+U Alt+U
UppercaseSelection Uppercase Selection Ctrl+Shift+U Alt+Shift+U
Sidebar.Projects Activate Projects Pane Ctrl+Alt+L Alt+X
Sidebar.Class View Activate Class View Pane Ctrl+Shift+C
AddNewFile Add New... Ctrl+Shift+A
AddExistingFiles Add Existing Files... Alt+Shift+A
RunToLine Run to Line Ctrl+F10
AttachToLocalProcess Attach to Running Local Application... Ctrl+Alt+P
FindUsages Find Usages Alt+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+U
RenameSymbolUnderCursor Rename Symbol Under Cursor Alt+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+R
Methods Methods and Functions Alt+Shift+S
Methods in current Document Methods in Current Document Alt+M
JumpToDefinition Follow Symbol Under Cursor Alt+G Ctrl+F12
SwitchDeclarationDefintion Switch Between Method Declaration/Definition Ctrl+F12 Ctrl+Shift+F12
SwitchHeaderSource Switch Header/Source Alt+O F4
Files in current project Files in Current Project Alt+Shift+O
Files in current project Files in Current Project Alt+Shift+O
CancelBuild Cancel Build Ctrl+ᡀ�

Cancel Build should have been Ctrl+Break. I filed this behavior as Qt Creator Bug #4609.

The complete "MS_Visual_C++_Visual_Assist.kms" can be downloaded from here. With these keyboard shortcuts Qt Creator is a able to pose as a very good substitute to Visual C++ and Visual Assist!

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